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Hair is a form of protein filament that contains a noticeable amount of alpha-keratin. wait a minute, those names seem familiar to you, right? yes, actually many shampoo companies are promoting their product by including those words. Scientifically it’s true, Protein is the main factor which is helping to improve your mussels.

Especially mammals can get this hair to protect themself from the changing weather conditions. Some animals use their fur to impress their partners. Like, Lions. but some of the other animals use their fur as a weapon to attack their enemies too. Like Porcupine and Jet lee. Yes! if you don’t believe me then you should definitely watch the Jet lee movies. That will show you why your hair is so important.

Human hairstyles are divided into three main categories, first is straight hair. I hope no need for any explanation for this. The second is wave type hair, It seems like a little waveform. Third and final is curly style, Cricket player Lasith Malinga is a great example of this hairstyle.


At the same time, it can be measured by its thickness those are fine, medium, and coarse (that means thick).

Many peoples are actually looking for fast results. Especially when it comes to hair growth. Hair is like a nail, Just tell me is that possible to grow your cut nail over a night?. It’s not possible, right? same here. You cannot grow hair overnight but you can increase the speed of growing by maintaining that.

Maintaining healthy hair is not a big task like mountain climbing but you should care about your food habits. Your food habits will provide enough nutrition for your hair to grow.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the main factor in hair growth. It can help to keep growing healthy and young. Vitamin E helps to stong your hair too. Come on Let’s clear the doubts about vitamin E.

What is vitamin E?

Vitamin E is fat-soluble, Do not take more because it can effect your organs. Consider doctor before consuming as a medicine. Vitamin E is good to absorb with food.

What is the best natural source of vitamin E?

When you consider natural way Vitamin E is found in plant-based oils, nutsseedsfruits, vegetables and leaf’s. Such as : almond, sunflower, Curry leaf, peanut, pumpkin and red bell pepper.

Does Vitamin E darken the skin?

Actually Vitamin E in an powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from the harmful free radicals and its not dark your skin.

One of my colleagues uses Vitamin E oil for damaged hair. Actually, she purchases the Vitamin E oil capsule at the nearest pharmacy and she mixes it with coconut oil. After a day she uses this oil every night on the top and middle of the hair. This method helps her to reduce hairfall damage and make it dark.

Hair maintaining tips

  • Saltwater can easily damage your hair so avoid ocean bathing when you plant to grow hair.
  • Caps and cowering your hair will make sweat on your head that leads to hair fall. Good Oxygen flow can avoid hair damage and hair fall.
  • I know washing hair will be a good thing to keep hygienic but it can remove natural oil on the skin. I feel any sweaty or itchy then wash it daily. Otherwise, keep a 1-day distance for hair wash will help to grow your hair faster.
  • Avoid unknown brands when you consider hair products. Keep research about the brand will help you to choose good and suitable products for your hair.

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