Olive oil
Olive oil

amazing benefits of olive oil

Olive oil contains vitamins, minerals, natural fatty acids. Basically, this oil eligible for all skin sorts. as a result of there’s the inhibitor, the substance is overabundant. thereby oil is powerful, which might stop and promotes several health advantages.

These days most businesses do analysis regarding the most effective solutions for this plant extract.

Olive oil
Olive oil

Benefits and way of using Olive oil

  1. Good to prevent heart health. 
    Using this oil for cooking it will reduce heart disease risk and blood pressure.
  2. Nail and skin protection.
    Our nails and outside are more damaging due to the several environmental conditions, they need proper maintenance. Slowly enough to rub olive oil in the nails and outside.do this weekly thee time. Moisture is deeply established in those places.
  3. Hair-care 
    it is pleasant for hair and gives soft and healthy hair. If you apply this oil deeply into the hair, it will control dandruff and become a deep conditioner. 
  4. Scars and dark spot will disappear
    Massage this oil on your dark spot and scars every night. The new cell will be renewed there, and the flexibility of the skin increases. If you do this idea that you get rid of any of the scars on the face.  
  5. Good For bad cholesterol
    As we discuss above Olive oil contains beneficial fat. Hence It reduces the body’s bad cholesterol and good circulation of blood sugar levels.
  6. Weight loss
    If you drink a spoon of Vergin oil before eating, it cut down the appetite and reduce your weight.
  7. Bones health.
    Olive oil has osteocalcin protein, which can bind the bone and promotes the production of cell that adds calcium to the bones, in addition to that massage your body with this weekly one day that will get good blood circulation and depression decreases.
  8. Relieving earache
    It is a natural remedy for earache and for excess ear wax. Dropping some amount of olive oil on the ear, it is easier to get rid of the pain in the ear and protect the ears. 
  9. Memory power
    Use this for your cooking, will prevent you from forgetting. Also, it is a great way to cure Alzheimer’s memory in our brain. This protects our brain memory power.

Questions and Answers

What is olive oil is good for?

Most of the time olive oil used for skin treatments such as scars, rashes, and dry skin. When you consider external usage of olive oil it’s better to use a massage. For internal use such as including food may help other benefits mentioned in this article.

Why olive oil is bad for you?

In case of external use, Olive oil will help you to solve dry skin and many skin diseases but for oily skin, people better to avoid olive oil. Because your body already ejects extra oil by your skin. Adding olive oil to food or skin not good for oily skin people. It creates pimples and increases fat on your face.

Can i use olive oil on my skin?

The answer is Yes!, Many cosmetic items include olive oil. As we mentioned earlier Olive oil can help many ways for your skin. But before usage identifying your skin type is very important. If you have fatty skin, then better to avoid applying olive oil is recommended.

What happens if you drink olive oil everyday?

Drinking Olive oil on an empty stomach is helps to increase some health benefits on your body like Heart, Bones, and digestive system. Better consider and measure the limit is recommended here. Actually, A tablespoon of olive oil is better when you plan to consume every day Because in your daily routine you cannot measure your oil level. Some food can increase the level that may Couse some unbalance in your body. Like French fry, Chips, and Fried chicken.

Does olive oil have side effects?

When we talk about Olive oil, basically it’s also an oil. Better to consider your skin type and allergy level before consuming it. Actually, there is no serious case found under the name of Olive oil but a small number of peoples affected by Nausea. Considering the original extract helps to avoid side effects and better results.


Altogether Olive oil is most significant for health issues. If you have any issues relating to this article please feel free to comment with us.

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