How to stop overthinking

Overthinking is a modern issue that has faced by many youngsters in 2020.
All we know that thinking is a unique ability for humans that makes a difference between other species. without thinking there are no inventions in the world. Thinking is an image that helps to improve creativity but overthinking is an addiction.

The difference between thinking and overthinking is the amount of time and effort we put into it.
Do you know? science proves thinking consumes more energy in our body more over the activity.

Hey! I am not saying don’t think just focus on your work. We should think but overthinking is the danger here. Some problems in our life don’t have an answer.

For example: what happens after we die? what came first Egg or chicken? This kind of question eats our time.

In Ayurveda, the mind is compared to the galaxy. The reason is it doesn’t have the ending border. That means if you start thinking about a topic it has an endless point which makes you keep thinking about it.


In this modern world, many people get mental issues because of overthinking. They are addicted to thinking about how to earn money, Daily commitments, Work pressure, and etc.

Actually, those are unavoidable in society but we should allocate our time to think about it. Thinking all day about the same problem not give any answers to you. It’s only possible in the Movies.

So what are the solutions for it? well, let’s clearly talk about your doubts here.

Is overthinking a mental disorder?

Actually, no it’s not but it will lead to getting mental disorders. Overthinking can easily convert to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and borderline personality¬†disorder that makes you feel lonely. This will change your social ability and thoughts that gives negative imaginations about life.

Why do I overthink a lot?

It depends according to your situation. But most of the peoples are addicted to overthinking because they are scared of the future. If I do this what will happen next? If he did this to me what I can do? that kind of equations are the key to this overthinking door.

Why do I overthink at night?

According to humans they learn and observe more things in a day. Once they went to bed their brain is starting to think about the day incidence to deep learning. This makes our body active conscious. This will not allow you to fall asleep. To avoid this keep your mind calm and avoid thinking serius

What are the side effects of overthinking?

There are lots of side effects happens when we start overthinking but those are differencing between body types. Most common symptoms are : Dry mouth, Head ache, hard to swallowing, dizziness, Less activity, Tiredness and ect.

How can I relax my mind?

By some simple practice, you can easily calm your mind.
1.breathing exercise: Deep and slow breath in breath out can easily reduce your blood pressure that helps to relax your mind.
2.Warm bathing: Bathing in warm water will balance your blood temperature that will calm your brain to think unwanted thoughts.
3.Music: Calm music especially violin or flute will relax your brain.
4.Writting: Writing and painting your thoughts will help to reduce your stress.
5.Food: How can I forget this? eating your favorite food will help to forget the bad memories.

How to improve my thinking?

To improve the way of your thinking habits you should learn your self. You need to study your emotions. Example: Which makes you happy, sad, and angry?. read your reactions, the way you respond. Just investigate your self because thinking affects the activity. That means if you change your activities your thinking pattern will automatically change.

Every human has their distractions, you should find yours. What makes you avoid focus. In this section, you can change your situation. Why, because not everyone has overthinking naturally. Sometimes this could passed by other negatives around you. It can be humans or things just avoid it.

Build your confidence by doing something good for you. It can be mediation or it can be helping others. This will bring satisfaction to your mind which helps to get positive thinking.

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